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Accessibility affects many people, and in ways that aren’t always obvious. Over 60% of the world’s population wear glasses – that’s an accessibility issue. Want more numbers? Roughly 50% of people break a bone before the age of 65 - that’s an accessibility issue too.

Now imagine holding a baby or a bag full of groceries and trying to use your phone one handed. Not very easy, right?

Environment and situations from our everyday life affect our abilities, like the bright sun that makes it hard to see, loud noises make it difficult to hear, bumpy roads reduce our motor abilities, sleepiness lowers our focus, alcohol affects our cognitive abilities and the list 
goes on...

Remember that nobody can count themselves as always fully able and the older we get, the more accessibility needs we will have.

Now some of us might experience challenges with accessibility temporarily. But knowing how people who are differently abled experience the internet, can help us to better understand the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

You can see more examples in the quiz below, try to do the tasks 
and learn more about accessibility challenges and how we can overcome them.

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Today we do things on the web more often than ever before. That means it’s even more important for online services to be accessible to everybody. Designing for people with different needs actually results in designs that benefit us all. That’s why at Reward Gateway we are committed to delivering the most accessible employee engagement platform. Easy to use for everyone.